Programmatic Advertising – The Building Blocks of Modern Advertising

18th July 2019

Programmatic Advertising – The Building Blocks Of Modern Advertising

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a technology-led advertising medium where-by the decision-making process is automated. Programmatic advertisers benefit from efficient media buying that allows them to target audience segments, individual audience groups and data pools.

Programmatic Evolution

Programmatic Advertising evolved from a huge increase in internet usage and the need to match them efficiently with a growing pool of publishers. Ad Networks were quick to evolve from the rise of internet usage, enabling advertisers to reach a range of supply partners that have been categorised and segmented based on a number of varying factors.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo were early pioneers of programmatic advertising giving clients the opportunity to target an audience based on searches online.

As programmatic advertising became more common, technology evolved to better decode and understand the “data stream” of digital advertising opportunities. Now, programmatic enables a calculated, autonomous connection of a range of supply partners.

Real-Time Bidding is arguably the pinnacle of programmatic advertising success. Through a universally agreed coding language, OpenRTB, real-time bidding is allowing advertisers and publishers to connection to a seemingly endless stream of data that can be decoded and targeting in Real-Time.

According to eMarketer, In the last 4 years, programmatic advertising has grown almost 3x and by the end of 2019, the industry is estimated to be worth in excess of $45 Billion. Many industry experts attribute this success to the success of Real-Time Bidding and its widespread adoption.

Programmatic Advertising allowed for a streamlined process for consolidating your digital advertising efforts in one system. Programmatic platforms have been growing their publisher partner connections and data partnerships, enabling highly targeted advertising campaigns delivered across desktop, mobile, video, connected TV and digital outdoor.

The key benefit of programmatic advertising was how it allowed advertisers to make a better-informed purchase decision utilising data to remove the guesswork previously seen during the ad buying process.

This efficiency not only impacted the quality and performance of the advertising message, it established programmatic efficiencies, using machine learning to optimise campaign performance, avoiding ineffective inventory and provide tangible ROI for advertisers.

Through automation and machine learning, programmatic creates an environment that enables marketers to reach their most meaningful audiences more efficiently than ever before using digital media to deliver the best results.

Programmatic Advertising is not a pipe-dream or aspiration for the future of advertising, it’s already here. If you are not taking advantage of its potential in some capacity already you are missing out on the potential to save money and see better performance in your online advertising campaigns. We welcome the conversation and happy to answer and questions you have. Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.