Brands in Programmatic Advertising

Brands In Programmatic Advertising

Brands are succeeding in programmatic advertising, benefiting from real-time audience insights that can immediately feed into optimisation tools that shape future media buying strategies. Programmatic Advertising for brands offers audience prospecting in real-time without relying on media insights based on legacy information. These points can work to shape the future targeting approach. Programmatic is not just for conversions; it’s also a valuable part of your branding strategy.

Historically, brand awareness strategies have been above-the-line advertising activities: TV, radio, print. These have a wide reach and so are great for upper-funnel marketing strategies.

Thanks to its highly effective targeting possibilities, programmatic advertising has fallen into the below-the-line category — it’s seen as a conversion driver.

Within digital advertising, the branding focus tends to be on PPC, SEO and social media. But to take advantage of the opportunities for branding and optimization that programmatic display offers, it’s essential to adapt strategies from direct display to use in programmatic. Traditional advertising offers very few useable insights and those that are available are typically offered at the end of a campaign or run of budget. This is where programmatic is winning.

There are 5 key considerations for Programmatic Advertising…

Define and Commit

Programmatic advertising is a broad term for a highly competitive and busy ecosystem. Define what areas will work for your goals and build a team that is focused on Programmatic Advertising success. How can Programmatic Advertising integrate with your current systems and forms of media buying? Understand and define what success means to your business and allocate targets accordingly.

Run it Right

With a clear understanding of the tools, you are going utilise it is vital to communicate a clear operational strategy for each element of your campaign. Understand what technology you are going to use and why. Ensure you have clear phases to initiate your programmatic strategy and a team that is committed and prepared for success.

Brand Safety, Ad Fraud and Viewability

Programmatic Advertising offers brands numerous tools to ensure the quality of traffic is at the forefront. Brand safety, ad fraud and viewability tools are all designed to ensure that your programmatic reach is to the safest and most relevant media. Programmatic Advertising gives brands the unique opportunity to be picky over the media they engage.

Publishers rule

The power with programmatic advertising sits with the publishers. If you have a specific list of ideal publisher partners, explore how you could best connect through your programmatic partners. With the rise of header bidding, PMPs and Ads.txt, programmatic offer Publishers and Brands to work closer than ever before.

What’s the objective?

Be clear and concise on your campaign objectives. What are you trying to achieve in terms of direct response vs branding and how they work together? KPI goals are difficult to quantify for brands, with a clear understanding of the end goal to ensure the foundations for Programmatic Advertising are well laid.

These five key considerations should all be looked at and documented. It is important to take time to strategize and formalise an operational strategy. You need to establish a team, either internally or externally that are committed to programmatic advertising success.

At Advenue, we offer our brand partners a suite of tools to ensure the smooth transition of advertising. Our solution is robust and driving a consistent increase in CPM for publishers and greater ROI for Advertisers. If you would like to learn more about how Advenue is driving tangible programmatic success for branding partners, please Contact Us.