Advenue Expansion Continues

Advenue Expansion Continues

Advenue as continued to expand their team internationally, as well as a focused drive on their technical capabilities internally. The recent appointment of a General Manager, covering North America, was coupled with the appointment of Britanny Miller, an account executive tasked with managing the growing number of international clients.

As well as the focus on programmatic solutions globally, Advenue as appointed Alfie Ng as their dedicated solutions developer tasked with tackling very specific client requirements within the advenue exchange platform.

Damon Francis, CEO of Advenue, is keen to continue his commitment to international expansion.

“We are fiercely proud of what we have built and how we service of programmatic partners throughout the UK and EU. As we gain increasing more traction in the US, is it becoming clear that the quality we are providing is not just in the advertising we trade but the solutions we offer and the relationships we maintain. It is this focus that has been the primary driver for our success overseas.”