Evolved, Programmatic, Priopritory Technolgy.

Advenue is an advanced exchange platform built by longstanding programmatic AdTech experts and motivated by meaningful and efficient supply and demand connections. No more need for a patchwork solution or integration to multiple ad tech vendors.

100% Transparent, Signed Requests from Trusted and Verified Sources. Independently Monitored.

Global Reach Across 190 Countries. Generating over 300bn Ad Requests. Multiple Platforms and Formats.

Industry Tools and Protocols Ensure Consistent High Quality and Transparent Buying and Selling.

SDK & Open RTB

Through our SDK, Advenue utilises the latest openRTB protocols and Industry practices to connect high-quality demand with premium supply partners in real-time.

Header Bidding

The Advenue technology suite allows publishers and advertisers to implement and take advantage of the benefits Header Bidding can deliver when utilised correctly.

Data Insights & Targeting

Advenue allows publishers to share GDPR compliant requests with selected demand partners. Data rich requests enable and support DSPs with audience buying at scale.


Advenue is the ideal partner if you require an adaptor for the Prebid.js source code project. Our publishers receive a reliable and simple solution if growing consideration in programmatic through our SSP and HB.

Data Insights & Targeting

Managed Automation

Combining industry-leading technology with world-class account management.

Engineered Reliability

High scale QPS efficiency though Machine Learning and QPS adaptors .

Organic Momentum

Consistent, reliable, fraud free supply to deliver your campaigns against audiences at scale.

Supply Chain Efficiency

The Advenue exchange utilises proprietary systems to identify efficiencies that are available within the bid stream. We combine automated tools and industry-leading and proactive account management to ensure we are building the most efficient connection between our supply and demand partners.

Capacity for Scale

Direct Publisher Connections

Direct and tiered publisher connections combined with owned and operated supply giving demand partners truly optimised unique reach and scale.

Daily Fraud Monitoring

Internal fraud detection and prevention systems combined with industry recognised 3rd parties to enable a truly safe trading environment.

99.99% Exchange Up-Time

Industry leading technology enabling an “Always On” trading environment for supply and demand partners.

200+ Demand Connections

Hand picked and carefully managed demand partners giving us unparalleled opportunities for our publisher network.

185 Data Parameters Monitored

Real-time connection to industry-leading data partners and in-house technology adding value to every impression.

60 MS Average Bid Response

Dedicated account management, QPS filters and curated connections give Advenue fast response times.

QPS Filtering and Distribution Management

The Advenue exchange is built to run efficiently and eliminate unnecessary or wasted QPS bandwidth. We combine technology and dedicated account management to build connections that are mutually beneficial to all parties. We carefully manage QPS assignments to ensure every request we handle has the greatest chance of being matched and traded in good time, delivering favourable results for our publishers.

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